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Story Sets - CSI:NY

Season One

Melt Me Down to Big Black Armor

Mac Taylor/Don Flack + Don Flack/Danny Messer ::: “I was a hero early in the morning / I ain’t no hero in the night”


Small Crimes

Mac Taylor/Danny Messer ::: They are a crime scene.


Season Two

Collateral Damage

Mac Taylor/Danny Messer + Danny Messer/Lindsay Monroe ::: We are accidents waiting to happen.


Keep on Talking Trash and Never Say Anything

Don Flack/Danny Messer ::: Baby, you're bad news. I don't care, I like you.


I Fell in Love Again

Mac Taylor/Sheldon Hawkes ::: “I think you're beautiful / but it's impossible to make you understand / that if you don't take my hand I'll lose my mind completely”


Nature of Things to Come Undone

Stella Bonasera/Lindsay Monroe ::: It's the nature of love to be more than one.


Positive Negative

Danny Messer/Sheldon Hawkes ::: Whenever I breathe out you're breathing in again.


Season Three

How to Fight Loneliness

Stella Bonasera/Sheldon Hawkes + Sheldon Hawkes/Mac Taylor + Mac Taylor/Stella Bonasera ::: Just smile all the time.


In the Spaces Between Us

Stella Bonasera/Danny Messer + Danny Messer/Mac Taylor + Mac Taylor/Stella Bonasera ::: Bad ideas.


Us Ones Inbetween

Danny Messer/Don Flack + Danny Messer/Lindsay Monroe ::: A matter of complication.


Season Four

Now That I Come to Fall

warning :: contains brother-brother incest

Danny Messer/Louie Messer ::: Their skin presses together, their blood rushes beneath their skin. The same blood. It’s not okay.


Any Season

Collapse in the Act of just Being Here

Danny Messer/Don Flack ::: I'm trying to say what I want to say without having to say...


Alternate Universes


gen and multiple pairings ::: The Bureau of Supernatural Investigation



gen ::: Necromancer - one who interrogates the dead

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