Keep on Talking Trash and Never Say Anything ::: Don Flack/Danny Messer ::: Season Two

They Don't Cuddle - adult

Danny's shitfaced. Flack's half past drunk himself :: post ep for 202 "Grand Murder at Central Station"


Feign Innocence - adult

It was the mistake every perp made.


Waiting for the Sun - adult

Danny's asleep. Flack smokes.


When Time Evaporates Completely - teen

And yes I have been drinking.


Daylight in Bright Angles - adult

A Wednesday in November, and Danny's spending it hungover in Flack's apartment.


Enough - teen

He has no idea how he ended up at Flack's :: post ep for 211 "Trapped"


Bitter Mouth - adult

Danny's idea of foreplay is to pick a fight.


Craving - teen

Wherein one of them is smoking.


You'll Never Recognize Yourself - teen

The love I sell you in the evening by the morning won't exist.


UnSound - adult

Danny would like his brain to stay firmly switched off, thank you.


Knotted - adult

All afternoon, Don's wanted to shove Danny up against the nearest wall.


Five Rooms:

Strange - teen

Kitchen :: post ep for 224 "Charge of this Post"

A Little Help - adult

Living room :: Danny's not going anywhere.

New Strategy - adult

Bedroom :: Danny sneaking into his bedroom wasn't all that bad.

Shared Space - teen

Bathroom :: Danny's asleep on his feet.

Blanket of Sky - teen

Roof :: how we deal with the nightmares.


Flicker & Time Fell - adult

Great waves of memory, like tidewater. Warning: references to child molestation.

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